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Health and Nutrition Seminar

Do you want to eat healthier, but not sure how?  Stay tuned for more information regarding our Spring Seminar about health, nutrition and other helpful information to a healthier, happier YOU!!!

Learn to Massage Your Significant Other

Spending time doing something solely for your partner really does show them that you care.  Yes, you could give them a coupon for a massage at the spa, but think about how romantic it can be to dim the lights and take care of the massage yourself.  

You will learn

  • The benefits of massage and massaging one another
  • How to create a relaxing "massage room" environment
  • 3 to 4 Basic massage techniques you can use for a full body session
  • Using just the right amount of pressure
  • Giving and receiving positive feedback

Almost anyone can give a great relaxation massage after learning the basics.  You will benefit not only from all of the great benefits of massage like fewer headaches, deeper sleep and less muscle tension, but you will also benefit from spending quality time with your partner.

A weekly massage can cost over $4,000 a year.  It is a great investment in your health, but if that's not in your budget this class is a smart investment.  Now you can experience all the advantages of regular massage in the comfort of your own home and learn from a licensed massage therapist.

Ready to Learn?

For this 3 hour class you will pay only $149 (per couple).  


Intimacy and Touch

Touch, especially focused and caring touch, is intimate by its nature.  However, intimate touch is not and does not have to be sexual.  For this class we are focusing completely on relaxing and caring touch that is free from any expectations.


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